Global Intelligent Media Big Data Business Application Ecosystem


GGOOUM CHAIN Functional System

Data circulation promotion
The breaking of data islands involves complex issues such as user privacy and corporate interests, and may complete data sharing under the protection of user privacy and data security of multiple data sources. The blockchain is usually combined with encryption algorithm. As a decentralized architecture, GGOOUM CHAIN efficiently connects different corporate data sources.

Digital identity
Using a decentralized storage database such as blockchain while coupled with cryptography, GGOOUM CHAIN is the underlying architecture for digital identity ownership affirmation. The problem with digital identity projects is that giant enterprises will consider the vested interests brought by digital identity is not obvious enough, and it needs to find application scenarios that are more profitable than the existing centralized data storage scheme.

Transparency enhancement
GGOOUM CHAIN reshapes digital media application consumption. In theory, advertisers can directly sign purchase contracts with registered media on the blockchain and delimit the crowd. Even with the help of advertising agencies, every transaction and even every exposure is recorded on the blockchain, greatly enhancing transparency. The change that advertisers need to make is to purchase the digital currency issued by these projects to cover the media costs in advertising release.

Advertising anti-cheating
Blockchain applications are the same in the supply chain traceability. If blockchain as an unchangeable database can collect more historical cheating possibilities of devices, websites and Apps and share them through appropriate mechanisms, perhaps it is a good example for the anti-cheating cause in the entire advertising industry.

Distributed advertising application platform

Merchant drainage
After the merchant consumes, the token is awarded after his first registration on our platform and consumption, and the token can be used to deduct the discount in other merchants on the platform, because the offline malls naturally attract traffic.

Personal advertising release
Merchants can place advertising positions by bidding to allow individuals and merchants with advertising needs to advertise, which will attract some individuals with business to register on our platform.

Partner promotion
Partners can promote our platform online through the Internet social platform.

Advertising image video template download reward
Some members who have the ability to create advertising image and video skills can post their own templates. If any customer likes this advertising, he can use it after paying for the token.

Company profile


GGOOUM CHAIN ecosystem is a decentralized platform. Its main body of operations is SINGAPORE GGUMTHEC LIMITED, being responsible for development, promotion and operation of GGOOUM CHAIN and assuming all relevant responsibilities. GGUMTHEC Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) is a non-profit organization with its carrying mechanism of a Singapore company limited and its registered place in Singapore. The Foundation is responsible for the construction, promotion and operation of the entire GGOOUM CHAIN Open Community. The main purpose of the GGOOUM CHAIN Open Community is to attract and serve technology developers and organizations and to continuously optimize and upgrade the entire ecosystem of GGOOUM CHAIN, including development tools and applications.


GGOOUM CHAIN is a distributed and accurate advertising display system created by blockchain technology. Based on the diversified advertising facilities in GGOOUM CHAIN, playing equals to mining, creating a more valuable and accurate advertising platform; relying on the technical advantages of blockchain of open, transparency and incorruptibility, the circulation of GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN value allows investors and promoters to share future earnings and establish a global merchant alliance. Later, GGOOUM will independently develop its own parent chain technology to get through the upstream and downstream resources, in order to create a trillion-level global smart media big data business application ecosystem.

GGOOUM CHAIN technology platform

GGC (English name: GGOOUM CHAIN) refers to the proof of the workload of shared resources generated based on GGOOUM blockchain technology in the GGOOUM Intelligent Media Big Data Ecology. My Easel users provide advertising resources through My Easel intelligent hardware to obtain GGC, which has strong correlation with the real-life business scenario applications of My Easel intelligent hardware and shared resources and is an incentive tool between users and merchants based on the GGOOUM blockchain technology in the whole ecology that is used to fairly measure, register and prove the provision and consumption of shared advertising resources.

As an incentive tool in the GGOOUM ecology, on one hand, GGC is used as a proof of the workload of shared advertising resources to reward users and redeem commodities or services related to shared advertising resources in a closed scene; on the other hand, GGC is used as a proof of consumption of shared advertising resources to be given back to all future My Easel users in a closed scene by merchants. Specifically, merchants use GGC to obtain the idle advertising resources contributed by My Easel users, and users use GGC to exchange advertisement-related products and services. The blockchain consensus mechanism loaded in the device can measure and register the advertising resource sharing behavior of My Easel (users) to form an open and transparent distributed ledger. All sharing behaviors of users will be recorded and verified by the whole network, and no one can cheat. Once the record and verification is complete, users can obtain a proof of shared benefits.

Way to get GGC
1. A user purchases My Easel intelligent hardware device and chooses to activate the reward program, and gets GGC reward according to the GGC generation rules by providing advertising resources; and
2. A merchant obtains the GGC from a user by providing the user with the chance to exchange various related products and services in a closed scene, and uses it for the consumption of advertising resources.

Features/Advantages of GGOOUM CHAIN

Decentralized resource exchange:
The advertiser can directly dock the venue operator for bidding, and the operator accepts the bid of the appropriate advertiser according to their own situations. Especially when the partner exchanges resources through the advertising facility, the two parties can directly establish contact through GGOOUM CHAIN, eliminating the intermediary link and saving the intermediate cost.
Increasing advertising accuracy:
In GGOOUM CHAIN, some advertising facilities support an interactive experience, collecting customer data in real time, and under the support of blockchain technology, the data dimension is updated. Moreover, a variety of algorithms and models of machine learning and deep learning are applied to support cross-contrast analysis of multi-dimensional data, improving the quality of data and providing advertisers with more precise goals.
Trusted automatic settlement:
When advertisers and investors cooperate to advertise, each delivery task is a smart contract. As the full link data is transparent, the resulting mining rewards can be settled in real time by smart contracts, significantly shortening upstream and downstream accounting period, avoiding contract disputes and perfectly solving the problem of settlement of multinational business.

GGOOUM Product Description

Advertising equipment
My DID System and Service Model
My Menu
My Counter
My Easel
My DID Stand

Advertising equipment

GGOOUM has multiple types of advertising devices and the cloud server combining intelligent hardware and Internet of Things. It adopts distributed storage and distributed computation to ensure integrity and security of the advertising data, and makes use of asymmetric encryption technology to ensure security and privacy of the information uploaded by users. Each advertising device in GGOOUM can be regarded as a mining machine. When an advertising device plays an advertisement, it is deemed as mining in default. Resource providers can cooperate with advertisers to share the revenue.

Worldwide MENU screen and machine Cloud connection

• Build a unified and shareable multilingual menu platform worldwide
• Menu AppStore provides menu-related network services to the world
• Regardless of country and commodity, simply use the App to provide cloud menu messaging.

Internet of Things menu

Division Contents
Product Name My Menu(IoT Video Menu Board)
Usage A digital animation menu that can update contents and advertisements from time to time at any place
Commodity Composition 1. Digital menu board 2. Menu editing scheme
Main Functions • Cloud service for menu code • Remote editing menu • Video events • Play advertisements
expectation effect • Menu contents can be displayed in video, inducing customer attention. • One picture can introduce multiple menus at the same time. • Menu content can be edited remotely from time to time • Event menu • The menu can be interspersed with advertisements to bring carried interest
My Counter

Division Contents
Product Name My Counter
Usage 1. A large hotel with lots of customers at the same time - the counter needs convenient settlement 2. A self-service hotel that needs unmanned menu for order and settlement – fast food restaurants • takeaway shops • company canteen • hotels at highway rest area 3.1 An unattended restaurant that wants to save costs and improve service quality - Fast food restaurants and unattended shops
Product Composition 1. Digital menu 2. Card, NFC card reader 3. Voucher, sequence number printer 4. Calling machine
Main Functions • Menu cloud service • Remote menu editing • Order, settlement and queueing call one-stop service ‘called Food Service • Provide a digital menu Book • Automatic customer identification pager function
Expected Effect • Solve the problem of congestion at the counter • Customers choose their own menu, which saves order waiting time • The catering industry reduces labor costs • Quickly promotion effect through menu
My Easel

Division Contents
Product Name My Easel
Usage 1. Need to create, paste and display advertisements from time to time 2. Update menu contents from time to time 3. Automatically manage menu contents by process (time) 4. Small and medium-sized commercial bodies in hotels, real estates, beauty salons, etc. 5. Wedding venues, wedding banquets, event venues, etc. that require video promotion
Main Functions • Ultra-small design, easy to move • User-friendly design, easy to integrate into surrounding environment • Available for content replacement at any time with a smartphone/PC • Cloud Server Platform with synchronous machines and services • Individual • whole • combined information management and control function • Achieve low power on Android, reduce A/S, and enhance system stability
Effect • Reduce costs compared to printed materials • More convenient to manage, control and use compared to the original DID product
My DID Stand

Division Contents
Product Name My DID Stand
Usage 1. Need to create, paste and display publicity materials from time to time 2. Update menu contents from time to time 3. Automatically manage menu contents 4. SMEs required by hotels, real estate, beauty salons, etc. 5. Wedding venues, wedding banquets, event venues, etc. that require video promotion
Main Functions • Digital image menu for virtual broadcasts can be played • Organize image activities from time to time through menu screen • Add virtual advertisements from time to time through menu screen • Menu video contrasts with regular menus to induce customer attention • Information can be updated anywhere with a smartphone/PC • Support machine and server synchronization, providing a synchronizable Cloud Server Platform • distinguish management and control information by individual, whole, combination, etc. • Low power consumption on Android, minimal A/S, and enhanced system stability
Effect • Reduce time and costs compared to printed advertising materials • Convenient to manage, control and use compared to the original DID products • Menu cut-in advertisements, etc. can increase revenue

GGOOUM Support of Innovative Technology

a)Concepts and Methods of Digital Currency Mining in GGOOUM CHAIN:
① Features of Mining Equipment in GGOOUM CHAIN

GGOOUM CHAIN's digital currency mining is basically driven on the Android platform. The main mining devices are digital signage and automatic service machine (KIOSK). These devices provide a device through the process of on-screen display consultation while offline without requiring a communication function. These devices use a different chip than a smartphone, and communication is much simpler and faster than using charting.The device (product) that GGOOUM CHAIN ​​provides is different from the smartphone, and there is no need to install a communication company APP in the device. In order to perform the original function of the device, only one or two APPs are driven, and there are no other applications that occupy hard disk resources except for the APP that supports the basic functions of the Android platform and the original functions of the device. Unlike the mining digital currency in existing smartphones and mobile devices, it provides a different mining environment.The hard disk device for digital currency mining that is serviced by GGOOUM CHAIN ​​is competitive with other hard disk devices. First, the hard disk device for mining is a GPU-based Android platform. Second, a chip that uses a different image from other mobile devices to provide a specific function of the mass device. The hard disk is rich in effective resources, so the digital currency is extracted with competitiveness.

② Power and Decentralization for Mining

Mining through the GGOOUM CHAIN service is decentralized. GGOOUMCHAIN mining is only carried out through the Android platform devices provided in the GGOOUM CHAIN service, which are not concentrated in a specific space. According to the original service of low-cost use of the device and the offline customer needs to create subsidiary income through the GGOOUM CHAIN service, the installation devices are distributed and managed through a network connection.In order to extract power supplied by the space provider of the mounting device, power supply dispersion can be formed. For reference, the Android platform device has lower power consumption than the PC device, which can save mining costs.

③ Mining methods and development of mining technology through GGOOUM CHAIN

1)Develop GGOOUM CHAIN Mining Technology
The structure of the Android platform is shown below. Based on the Android platform, users can use its mining application, but if they do not affect the original function of the device, it is necessary to develop the mining application based on GGOOUM CHAIN to improve the mining. If you develop mining technology, you don't let the device users know how to apply the Application Framework stage inside the Android platform. Therefire, it is necessary to build the application.The development of mining technology is mainly developed using JAVA, but in order to provide the best and progressive mining functions in the device, it can be developed in C, C++. In order to confirm the transmission and mining of digital currency through the network, security applications should be developed. Finally, to prevent these development applications from being hacked, components of independent models should be developed.

2) Use Existing Mining Applications
Users can use a variety of mining apps that are currently driven on the Android platform. If they want to develop your own GGOOUM CHAIN mining technology, they need development time and cost. It is necessary to use the existing mining app at the beginning of development. However, the original function of the GGOOUM CHAIN mining device must not be obstructed, so the components should be used when installing the app. As long as you have the appropriate permissions, the Android application can be composed of the four main components of Activity, Service, Content Provider and Broadcast Recevier at any time. In general, applications can use Service to form a service. The Service component is not visible to the user because it does not have a UI. It is a wireless implementation component in the background. A typical example of a media player can continue to play music even if it is not activated. In addition, services can be used in network monitoring or background calculations. Because there is no UI, the connection can be used after accepting the activity of the user command.

b)Develop Optimized Android Board and Core for GGOOUM CHAIN ​​Mining

① Develop an optimized Android board
The Android board continues to evolve based on the performance of the chip. However, Android board or core development is not developed for use in digital currency mining, so the GPU calculus processing function on the Android platform is not optimal for mining. In the future, the self-owned Android board that maximizes the GGOOUM CHAIN mining function will be pre-developed.The pre-developed Android board is also equipped with a dual-purpose or four-core installation on the existing single-core installation. It is divided into the core of the original function of the drive unit, the core for mining, the core for communication and playback, the core for security and platform management, and the safety. In response to the future GGOOUM CHAIN service, it is planned to develop original technology and future-oriented devices.

GGOOUM Mining Process Conceptual Graph

GGOOUM Technology Project Development Plan

Singapore Dreamback Block Chain foundation establish
2020 3Q ~ 2021 2Q —— Basic State of Engineering
Producing and managing the advertisement cloud computing equipment applied GGOOUM CHAIN technology, developing the basic blockchain technology and converting the distributed intelligent advertisement platform of GGOOUM CHAIN into online.
2021.06 —— GGOOUM CHAIN Development Completion and Immigration
Development and improvement of top blockchain platform. Completion of GGOOUM CHAIN immigration of Main Chain. Implementation of multiple business model architecture and code.
2021 3Q~4Q —— Global Expansion, Optimization and Integration
Expansion of ecosystem to 80% of regions in Asia-Pacific via advertisement cloud computer power intelligent terminal of dispersed intelligence advertising platform GGOOUM CHAIN network. Obtaining LU, LF and DB.
2024~2025 - GGOOUM Technology IPO
GGOOUM Technology, promoting to be listed on the NASDAQ according to market performance of project and subsidiary. Scheduled to be completed in NASDAQ OTCQB for the first application of public offering.
GGOOUM Chain project start
2020.07 ~ 08 - Angel Wheel Token Private Offering (Cornerstone Investment)
Extending assets for expanding the size of the application program of global advertisement cloud computer power smart device for GGOOUM CHAIN. Offering addition discount for the initial subscribers of GGOOUM.. Exchangeable between GGOOUM TOKEN and common stock designated by company. Allocation of fixed rated of quarterly advertising earnings of group.
2020 3Q ~ 2021 2Q —— Basic Business for the Market
Promoting the trial management of cloud computer equipment and collecting the GGOOUM CHAIN supernode and establishing the center at the area of Asia-Pacific as the starting point of each area of GGOOUM CHAIN service center. Implementation of common use application program for operating GGOOUM CHAIN ecosystem. Arrangement of global branch aiming at constructing perfect application program ecosystem for every market and community with local partner.
2021.08 —— GGOOUM CHAIN Overseas Branch Foundation
Launching major agencies of 5 regions in Asia Pacific. Management of multi-lingual community platform and market value and establishment of GGOOUM foundation for community business promotion. Improvement of GGOOUM market value management and continuous advertisement of world market for connection of global major exchanges.
2022 —— GGOOUM Technology IPO
Realizable continuous advertising earnings and income diversification by GGOOUM CHAIN dispersed intelligence advertising platform.
2024~2025 —— GGOOUM Technology IPO
The birth of 1 trillion global SMBD (Smart Media Big Data) business application ecosystem!

GGOOUM Strategic partners

Company profile
GGOOUM CHAIN ecosystem is a decentralized platform. Its main body of operations is SINGAPORE GGUMTHEC LIMITED, being responsible for development, promotion and operation of GGOOUM CHAIN and assuming all relevant responsibilities. GGUMTHEC Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) is a non-profit organization with its carrying mechanism of a Singapore company limited and its registered place in Singapore. The Foundation is responsible for the construction, promotion and operation of the entire GGOOUM CHAIN Open Community. The main purpose of the GGOOUM CHAIN Open Community is to attract and serve technology developers and organizations and to continuously optimize and upgrade the entire ecosystem of GGOOUM CHAIN, including development tools and applications.
Blockchain Investment Limited (BCI)
Company profile
Under Hong Kong BMIntelligence Group, it is a new investment technology service company which is deeply involved in the value creation of blockchain and a professional one-stop blockchain financial incubation platform. It focuses on the early business model planning and packaging services of projects, and has the business coverage of BCI blockchain business school, IPO listing counseling business school, blockchain foundation, etc. It makes use of blockchain technology to achieve integration with traditional industries, Internet of Things, Internet, e-commerce, AI, artificial intelligence and other big data business applications, designs a perfect business closed loop, and realizes the ultimate goal of helping enterprise blockchain project market value management become bigger and better through the superposition effect of blockchain finance + IPO and special funds
BMIntelligence Group
Company profile
Established in 1995, it provides one-stop corporate consulting services for listed companies, including corporate finance, financing consultation, professional assessment, company secretary, corporate communications, project planning, professional translation, share registration, corporate internal control and risk management, and it ever assisted many clients in handling pre- and post-listing regulations and procedures. As of 2016, the group provides different services to listed companies in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.
Company profile
GGOOUM CHAIN project video technology, device production, blockchain technology, etc. are supported by the South Korean MYCF GGOOUM Team, which is composed of the members from renowned top universities such as Berkeley University, Tokyo University, Kookje College and Kaywon University. Team members have experienced many product developments such as machine translation, product search, etc. They have rich experience in technology and Internet products in the industry, and will give professional guidance to the construction of GGOOUM CHAIN.
Company profile
The aim of Blockchain Application and Investment Alliance (BCAIA) is to promote the application of blockchain. With the rise of blockchain technology, BCAIA provides an open platform for learning and exchanging ideas to encourage innovative application of blockchain technology. Also, to enhance the effectiveness of integration in traditional industry and

GGOOUM aims to create a trillion-level global intelligent media big data business application ecosystem!

Distribution Scheme for GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN

When a user participates in an activity initiated on the GGOOUM platform, the smart contract will automatically generate GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN (GOMC). The total amount of GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN to be issued is constant at 1 billion, and it promises never to issue more. The proportion of mining rewards is as high as 70%, fully protecting the rights and interests of users and creating good market atmosphere.In order to ensure the good operation of the GGOOUM CHAIN ​​community, the healthy development of the maintenance community and the investment in the construction of the application platform, the rest will remain in the foundation, the founding team and the cornerstone investment.

The specific allocation of GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN(GOMC) is as follows:
The specific allocation of GGOOUM CHAIN TOKEN is as follows:
Intelligent advertising cloud computing equipment mining: 70%
Project Foundation Reserve: 15%, used for technical development of GGOOUM ecological follow-up projects, GGOOUM construction incentives, investment operations, business cooperation, publicity expenses and project ecology. The use of this part of the funds requires a foundation resolution and publicity in advance. Cornerstone investment: 10% is used to introduce early investors, and early investors will contribute to team building and platform operations. 5% reward to the Dreamback chain founding team and technology development team

Distribution structure

Mining production : 70%

Project Foundation reserve : 15%

Cornerstone investment : 10%

Founding technical development team: 5%

Cornerstone investment fund allocation

Research and development: 40%

Team operations: 20%

Promotional marketing: 20%

GGOOUM CHAIN Foundation: 20%